Analog Jam Sessions

Monthly free open jam session in Tokyo and Berlin
Bring your analog gear, synth, modular synth, DIY or hybrid. Let's jam!

アナログジャムセッション 参加自由のオープンジャムセッション!

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  • Nobody is trying to do synth solos for the whole of the night. We value this opportunity to play together and we're willing to adapt, go with the flow, and definitely give each other space to shine.


  • And also one audio input, one electricity plug, and one midi out. Bring your own cables, extensions, MIDI to CV converters and whatever you need to make it happen for you with this set of ones.


  • and we're gonna. Our sounds blend together in harmony most of the time, and when they don't, it's on purpose.


  • It's an analog jam. Bring your computer only if you're routing something through it.


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